HUGE Announcement!!!

Amborella House is now Renew Hope

We are excited to announce that Amborella House has changed our name to Renew Hope.   The words “Renew Hope” have always been a part of our message to the world as a part of our organization’s tagline and our website domain, which has always been 

However, as we have expanded our mission to include education and awareness of sex trafficking, we felt it was time to expand our name as well. The name “Amborella House” is still dear to our mission and will always remain the name of our home in Chisago County.  This move, however, also leaves room to add other homes throughout Minnesota in the future; each with their own name but all under the “Renew Hope” banner.  Stay tuned, over the next few days and weeks we will be posting some videos to introduce you to the great new elements of our mission and services to sex trafficking survivors.  We believe any questions you may have will be addressed in these informative videos but we are always open to your questions and inquires.  Thanks so much for your continued support as we work together in this battle against sex trafficking.

S.T.A.G.E. gatherings are supporter hosted, small group (6-20) meetings held in homes, churches, offices, associations or organizations.  They are designed to educate attendees on the realities of sex trafficking locally and inspire people to be more aware or get involved. 

The Renew Hope / Amborella House banquets are coming soon! 

September 27th and 28th  

The goal for 2021 is 500 attendees.  Please consider being a table host.  There is no cost for the table, dinner or program. 

Help spread the message & bring life recovery to survivors!

Education is where it starts but we must warn you.  Once you start learning about the realities and proximity of sex trafficking, you won’t be able to look away.  Renew Hope is committed to educating you on the real aspects, stories and headlines involving sex trafficking.  Go to our Learning Center for more info.

The Amborella House is a home, run by Renew Hope that deploys a proven system of working with and helping surviving women recover fully from the sex trafficking industry.  Our partner organization is one of the most successful transitional housing and recovery centers in the country.  To learn more about the professional program and services offered to survivors who stay at the Amborella House, Click Here. 

The Renew Hope SAM Program is a certified mentorship program for survivors of sex trafficking/exploitation.  This is a one-of-a-kind mentorship program that travels with the survivor wherever their healing journey takes them. 

To learn more about the SAM Mentorship program CLICK HERE

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